Lanier County School System Strategic Plan


Our Beliefs (Core Values), Mission, and Vision

We believe:

  • The first five years of life are a critical developmental period

  • Children come to school at different levels of readiness

  • All children should have the opportunity to maximize their potential

  • People learn at different rates and in different ways

  • Motivation and engagement significantly affect teaching and learning

  • A safe and orderly learning environment is conducive to students’ academic success

  • Education should be relevant and real for all students

  • Student achievement is the result of high expectations, hard work, and commitment

  • A positive student-teacher relationship supports student learning and self-esteem

  • Students should accept ownership for their learning and take pride in their accomplishments

  • The school should provide opportunities for students to learn and demonstrate leadership skills

  • Community culture and poverty significantly influence student learning and commitment to graduate

  • Technological proficiency enhances learning and success     

  • Responsible citizenship is an important outcome of a student’s education

  • The school system, students, parents, and the community-at-large share the responsibility for ensuring an effective education program

  • Schools should ensure that students are qualified for entry into a competitive society and are prepared for college, career, and life

  • Schools should encourage lifelong learning

  • Systematic and continuous monitoring, evaluation, and feedback increase organizational effectiveness 

  • The American dream must be revived for future generations

Our Mission:

  • Challenging students to become productive citizens

Our Vision:

  • A school system that graduates all of its students prepared for college, career, and life