Lanier County Schools ::
About Lanier County Schools...

♦ Total Enrollment of 1845
♦ 9 % Reduced Lunch
♦ 64 % Free Lunch
♦ 10 % Students with Disabilities
♦ 122 Certified Staff Members
♦ 97 Classified Staff Members

About Lanier County Primary School...

♦ Grades PK-2
♦Enrollment - 613
♦SACS/ACS Accredited
AYP 2009-2010; 2010-2011
♦Teacher of the Year - Beth Fulghum
♦Educational Pedagogy Award - Valerie Kline

About Lanier County Elementary School...

♦ Grades 3-5
♦ Enrollment - 398
♦ SACS/ACS Accredited
♦ AYP 2009-2010,2010-2011
♦ Teacher of the Year - Angie Fender
♦ Educational Pedagogy Award - Kayla Faircloth

About Lanier County Middle School...

♦ Grades 6-8
♦ Enrollment - 390
♦ SACS Accredited
♦ AYP 2007-2008;2008-2009,2009-2010,2010-2011
Title I Distinguished School
♦ LCMS Teacher of the Year - Lynn Vickers
♦ Educational Pedagogy Award - Wayne Sirmans

About Lanier County High School...

♦ Grades 9-12
♦ Enrollment - 424
♦ SACS Accredited
♦ Teacher of the Year - Deidre Chadwick
♦ Educational Pedagogy Award - Margo Montgomery

About Lanier County…

· Lanier County was created from Berrien, Lowndes and Clinch counties on August 7,1920.

· Lanier County was named in honor of Sydney Clopton Lanier, poet from Macon, Georgia, whose work explored man's faith and his relationship to the world around him.

· Lanier County is located in the south central section of Georgia approximately 30 miles north of the Florida state line and 25 miles east of Interstate Highway 75.

· Lanier County’s 2003 estimated population was 7,361 according to the U S Census Bureau.

· Lanier County’s population is approximately 71.6% Caucasian and 25.6% African American.

· Lanier County’s 1999 median household income was $29,171.

· Lanier County boasts the annualFlatlanders’ Fall Frolic, a Labor Day festival and Arts and Crafts Show.

· Lanier County was home to a Georgia governor, Eurith Dickinson Rivers, Governor 1937-1941.

· Lanier County is home to Lakeland’s Milltown Murals depicting the 1925 era when Milltown was re-named Lakeland.

· Lanier County is home to Patten Seed Company, a 50 year old company who has become the nation’s production leader in warm-season turf grass seed and sod.

· Lanier County is home to the Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuge with opportunities for fishing, boating and wildlife observation.

· Lanier County is home to the Robert Simpson Nature Trail. The trail is a pristine environment with abundant plant life, natural bogs, and fishing opportunities on Lake Irma.

· Lanier County has canoeing and fishing opportunities on the Alapaha River.