Virtual Learning Option Guidelines
(Spanish Version)

* The Virtual Learning Option will serve students in grades K-12 enrolled in the Lanier County School System.  K-5 grade instruction will involve Google classroom and other web based instructional resources.  While 6-8 grade students will be able to be on-line with the Edgenuity courseware program to complete assignments for course completion. Google classroom maybe provided for a blended learning approach when needed.  However, 9-12 grade will be 100% on-line with the Edgenuity courseware program to complete courses for high school credit. Student differentiation may be provided when needed through Google classroom.

* The online registration form will be available through Thursday, July 30 at 11:59 PM. This will allow time for the Lanier County School System to ensure proper staffing and to schedule students for the necessary classes.

 * A registration form must be completed by Thursday, July 30 at 11:59 PM for each student enrolling in the Virtual Learning Option.  Otherwise, students will be enrolled in traditional, face-to-face instruction.

 * Classes will start on Monday, August 24. The teachers will conduct a virtual open house for parents and students prior to the first day of class.

 * Students will follow the Lanier County School System grading period windows.

  * Courses will require a significant commitment by parents/guardians to help facilitate virtual learning. Students must have a responsible adult who serves as the point of contact for the virtual classroom teacher(s).

 *Courses will have instructional expectations and the rigor will mirror face-to-face instruction.

 *Students and teachers will be held to the prescribed learning schedule provided by the Lanier County Board of Education. The Virtual Learning Option students will follow the same calendar and pacing schedule as the face-to-face instruction occurring in the school building.

*With the use of Google Classroom, a teacher will provide a daily and weekly schedule of lessons. Progress will be monitored frequently by teachers to ensure mastery of academic standards. 

 *Courses will not be the same as the “distance learning” experience from this past Spring. There will be daily schedules. 

 *K-5 students participating in the virtual learning option will be expected to log in and participate in online lessons and assignments during the school day hours (8:00 - 3:00). While the students will not be logged into their computer for the entire time/day, they will have scheduled meetings with their teacher at given times during the school day hours.

* Students are expected to participate during school hours every day that school is in session.

*Attendance will be recorded in Power School.

 *Assignments will be graded, and grading practices appropriate for a virtual classroom will be adopted.

 *Some student online sessions with the teacher will be recorded. Commitment to the Virtual Learning Option indicates agreement to the recorded sessions.  

 *Students participating in the virtual learning option will be accountable to the rules and procedures set forth in the Lanier County School System’s 2020-2021 Student Handbook.

Virtual Learning Option

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

(Spanish Version)

Parents/Guardians MUST indicate on the registration form that they understand and agree with each of the statements below:

* For the 2020-2021 school year, I am choosing the Virtual Learning Option for my student due to health/safety concerns related to COVID-19.

* My student will remain enrolled at his/her assigned school.

* I understand that some electives and connections/special classes (such as band, music, chorus, dual enrollment lab courses, etc.) may not be available through the Virtual Learning Option. In addition, honors classes and gifted courses may not be available.

* I understand that this commitment is for the 2020-2021 school year only. Elementary students have the option to return to face-to-face classes at the end of each nine-week grading period.  Middle and high school students will have the option to return to face-to-face classes after the end of the second nine-week grading period. This would allow these students to complete a full semester prior to returning to the face-to-face classroom. The options to return to face-to-face classes can only occur at the identified academic breaks for grading and instruction. 

* I understand that a parent/guardian must serve as a support for my student. 

* I understand my student must keep up with the pace of the virtual course and turn in assignments each week.  Failure to complete assignments in a timely manner and participate in virtual classes will result in failing grades that could lead to course failure and/or grade level retention.

* I understand the importance of my student’s participation and completion of assignments with academic integrity. Ensuring my student independently completes assignments allows teachers to provide feedback and instruction appropriate for my student so he/she can be successful in upcoming grades/courses.

* I understand that my student must participate in all required state assessments (ex: Georgia Milestones) and local assessments.

* I understand that I must provide my virtual student with a reliable Internet connection.

Virtual Learning Option Application

Click on the link below to complete an application for the Virtual Learning Option for the 2020-2021 school year.  Please note that a separate application will need to be completed for each student that will be enrolling in the Virtual Learning Option.