The mission of the Lanier County School System is to challenge students to become productive citizens.

Our vision is to be a school system that graduates of all its students prepared for college, career, and life.

Lanier County Schools School Nutrition

Contact Information
Donna Earp, Manager/Supervisor
Lanier County Schools
Phone (229) 482-3966

Deanna Pearson, LCPS Manager
28 S Valdosta Road
Lakeland, GA 31635
Phone (229) 482-3882

Judy Luke,LCHS/LCMS Manager
52 W Patten Avenue
Lakeland, GA 31635
Phone (229) 482-2765

Leighann Gray, LCES Manager
92 Valdosta Rd
Lakeland, GA 31635
(229) 482-3879


Lanier County Schools
247 S Highway 221 
Lakeland, GA 31635
Fax 229-482-3020