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The Lanier County Board of Education welcomes citizens to attend its meetings to understand the role of the board and the operations of Lanier County School System, and to speak on educational issues or concerns. 

During regular Board Meetings, a specific portion of the meeting agenda may be set aside to allow comments by members of the public.  Due to the agenda being prepared in advance of each meeting, anyone wishing to address the Board must inform the Superintendent’s Office in writing by completing and returning the Public Participation Request Form to the Superintendent 24 hours prior to the regularly scheduled meeting.

  Before addressing the board, individuals should attempt to resolve the issue with school level administrators, district level administrators, and the Superintendent. 

When addressing the Board, individuals should state their name and the basis for their concern.  All remarks shall be made to the Board as a body and not addressed to individual Board members.  Speakers will be allowed to speak for 2 minutes and the Chairman is responsible for enforcing this policy.  Speakers are asked to keep their remarks civil.  Profane, rude, defamatory remarks, and personal attacks will not be allowed.  The Board will not respond to comments but will defer to the Superintendent to follow up and address their concerns.

The Board requests that multiple potential speakers from a group or organization appoint a single representative to address the Board.

Public Participation Request Form 

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