It is our vision that the Lanier County Schools will become a model for higher levels of student achievement.

The mission of Lanier County Schools is to produce academically competent graduates who have career and life skills necessary to be contributing and productive citizens in society.

Lanier County Schools

Lanier County High School
Principal Reada Hamm
52 W. Patten Ave
Lakeland, GA 31635
(229) 482-3868

Lanier County Middle School
Principal Rhonda Rodgers
52 W. Patten Ave
Lakeland, GA 31635
(229) 482-8247

Lanier County Elementary School
92 Valdosta Rd
Lakeland, GA 31635
(229) 482-3870

Lanier County Primary School
Principal Kevin Moore
28 Valdosta Rd
Lakeland, GA 31635 
(229) 482-3580
School Handbook
School Handbook (Spanish)
School Supply List


Lanier County Schools
247 S Highway 221 
Lakeland, GA 31635
Fax 229-482-3020